San Cristóbal is the easternmost island of the whole archipelago. The island, which owes its English name, Chatham Island, to the Earl of Chatham, covers 558 square kilometres and the highest point lies 730 metres above sea level. San Christóbal has the second largest population in the Galápagos. Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, a town with a population of around 8,000 in the southern part of the island, is the capital of both the island and the whole Galápagos archipelago. Despite being the main seat of administration, it looks more like a fishing village. The second civil airport with regular flights to continental Ecuador is situated on this island. There is also the El Junco, largest sweet water lake on Galápagos. Divers can head to the nearby popular diving location, the Kicker Rock.

Points of interest:

  • Centro de Interpretación
  • Cerro Brujo
  • Cerro Tijeretas
  • Galap. Cerro Colorado
  • Galapaguera Natural
  • Isla Lobos
  • Jardín de las Opuntias
  • La Lobería
  • Laguna El Junco
  • Manglecito
  • Playa Baquerizo
  • Playa Ochoa
  • Puerto Chino
  • Puerto Grande
  • Punta Carola


Malecon Alberto Santos 1846
Bahía de Caraquez

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