The largest and the youngest island of the archipelago, Isabela is still volcanically active. The last significant eruption was recorded in 2008. The island is one of the most active volcano locations on Earth. Puerto Villamil, the capital of Isabela, is the third largest town on the Galápagos with a population of 1,500. The island was named in honour of the Queen Isabela I of Castille, who sponsored the voyage of Christopher Columbus. The summit of the Wolf Volcano is the highest point on the island with an elevation of 1,707 metres. The Isabela is the only island in the archipelago intersected by the Equator line. Thanks to the relaxed atmosphere and numerous interesting locations, the island is becoming increasingly attractive for tourists.

Points of interest:

  • Bahía Urbina
  • Calera
  • Caleta Tagus
  • C. Crianza Arnaldo Tupiza
  • Complejo de Humedales
  • Concha de Perla
  • Cueva de Sucre
  • Las Tintoreras
  • Minas de Azufre
  • Mirador del Mango
  • Playa Tortuga Negra
  • Punta Albemarle
  • Punta Moreno
  • Volcán Alcedo
  • V. Sierra Negra/V.Chico



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