Currency – USD. Locally minted coins in nominal value from 1 to 50 cents are also in circulation. We do not recommend carrying banknotes over the 20 dollar denomination, as most businesses do not accept 50 and 100 dollar notes. The ATM network is reasonably good, but withdrawals may be limited to 500 USD (depending on the bank). Cash Advance for MasterCards is provided by the Banco del Pacifico. Most restaurants, hotels and supermarkets accept regular debit cards.

Electricity – the American type sockets provide 110 V (adaptors may be required)

International dialling code – 00593

Time zone (no daylight saving time): Continent GMT – 5, Galápagos GMT – 6

Mobile phone coverage – running at 850 MHz (a quad band device is necessary)

Vaccination – Although no vaccination is compulsory for entry into Ecuador, Colombia or Peru, and we came across no cases among our clients, it is highly recommended to have effective vaccination against type A (and, if possible, type B) hepatitis, typhoid, tetanus and in case of travelling to the Amazonia against yellow fever as well. In case of extensive travelling through Amazonia for longer periods, we advise consulting a tropical medicine specialist for malaria prevention. Shorter stays in the tourist regions still require wearing long sleeves and trousers and use of insect repellents and mosquito nets.

Water – Tap water cannot be recommended for general use. This water can be used only for personal hygiene and washing up. Drinking and cooking require bottled water.

Insurance – The health-care system and the medical care provided by the state are at a low level and services are limited. Private clinics, hospitals and other facilities offer qualified staff, modern equipment and reasonable service but all procedures must be paid on the spot. We recommend comprehensive travel insurance, fully covering all possible costs.

Sea sickness – Yacht cruises, namely trips to the Galápagos, may result in sea sickness in some individuals. If you know yourself to be susceptible to sea sickness, we recommend choosing a type of boat most likely to reduce the danger of the sickness manifesting. These are namely the wide motor yachts for larger groups of passengers and the catamarans. Pharmacy networks offer the over-the-counter pharmaceutical MAREOL, which, if taken within 30 to 60 minutes prior to boarding, can counter the nausea at sea.

Important contact numbers: Emergency number – 911, Fire brigade – 102, The Red Cross – 131, Police – 101, Ecuadmc (24/7) – +593 095 00 85 25

WHAT TO PACK: Good sunscreen lotion with an SPF of 35 and above, sunglasses, insect repellent, sun cap, light hiking shoes (hiking sandals or hybrid footwear), sturdy hiking boots, swimming trunks, light long trousers, shorts, T-shirts and long-sleeved T-shirts, windbreaker or a Gore-Tex jacket, raincoat, backpack for one day trips, waterproof Ziploc bags for documents and moisture sensitive equipment, el. socket adaptors, chargers and several batteries, wristwatch, camera, binoculars, headlamp. All prescription medication and a personal first-aid kit.


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