The most populous city in Ecuador with almost five million inhabitants. Guayaquil is one of the most important ports in South America. It lies in the delta of the Guayas River, which gave name to the whole province. Called the Pearl of the Pacific by the locals, this city with a steady and strong economic growth is the centre of commerce, export and tropical music. Various dishes using crab meat are the local culinary speciality. Among the notable sites are: Malecon 2000, the old quarter of Las Peňas, Malecon del Salado, the Santa Ana harbour, the Santay Island and a variety of museums. Several international companies have their seat here, as well as a number of important cultural and entertainment centres. The extensive infrastructure with numerous hotels of all categories, an international airport with daily flights to various American and European destinations, makes Guayaquil the ideal city for congresses and trade fairs.


Malecon Alberto Santos 1846
Bahía de Caraquez

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