This fairy large beach resort lies in the north of the country, in the Esmeraldas province. Thanks to many local and foreign tourist, the city has a constant flow of visitors throughout the year, but the weekends and the holidays remain the busiest. Atacames offers bustling night life in bars and clubs, where you can experience a mix of various musical styles of the tropical genres, such as salsa, merengue or reggaeton. Decent infrastructure provides hotels of various categories, restaurants with local specialities and good facilities for sport activities. Atacames is also a strategic base camp for trips to nearby beaches such as: Sua, Same, Muisne, Mompiche, Portete, Tonsupa and many others. Golfers can find excellent courses in the Casa Blanca resort or in the well-known Decameron All Inclusive Resort.


Malecon Alberto Santos 1846
Bahía de Caraquez

PHONE: +593 52 691 541
MOBILE: +593 99 500 8525


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