The Cotopaxi National Park is the most often visited nature reserve of the continental Ecuador. The name is derived from one of the highest active volcanoes in the world, the 5,897 metres high Cotopaxi stratovolcano. The park lies only two hours by car south of Quito. The almost perfectly conical mass of the volcano dominates the whole park. It appears in many photos as an icon of the mountains of Ecuador. The summit is covered by a glacier down to about 5,000 metres. The park covers more than 33,000 hectares, which are home to many endemic and native animal species. Lucky visitors can spot wild horses or the majestic condor. Tourists can hike around the Limpiopungo Lake or opt for the three hundred vertical metre trek to the José Ribas Refuge, which serves as a base camp for mountaineers. Treks to the summit of Cotopaxi can be arranged including an expert guide and all equipment. Although the climb is not overly challenging, appropriate acclimatisation is necessary.
The park offers camp sites and downhill trails for mountain bikes, which are becoming increasingly popular.


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