The Andes

The central mountain chain of Ecuador, also called the Cordillera, is formed by the unbroken mountain range of the Andes continuing into Colombia in the north and into Peru in the south. Despite the equatorial latitude, the high altitudes (up to 6,310 metres above sea level) ensure that several local volcanoes are covered in perpetual snow. Thanks to the great biodiversity resulting from its location and elevation, the Ecuadorian part of the Andes boasts a number of national parks, reserves and protected areas. Among the most notable are: Cotopaxi, Cayapas, Cotacachi, Pululahua, Cayambe-Coca, Illinizas, Cajas, Llanganates, Antisana, Chimborazo and Sangay. The climate in this region is rather changeable, with cold nights and warm days. Temperatures reach between 10 and 25 degrees Celsius. The climate zones vary according to elevation, from mountain rainforests, cloud forests and peat bogs to permanent snow plains. The whole mountain range is a home to several native cultures, which managed to preserve their traditional way of life and speak one of the many Quechua dialects


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