This centre of the Napo province lies at the edge of the Ecuadorian Amazonia. Thanks to the elevation around 500 metres and the surrounding tropical jungle, the climate remains pleasant throughout the year. Tena is famous for clear rivers, which are an attraction for water sports enthusiasts from all over the world. Ideal conditions and excellent infrastructure allow for holding international competitions all year round. Apart from rafting, the area is ideal for various activities such as canyoning, biking and stays in the local indigenous communities. Tena is the ideal base for hiking or trips around the rainforest for animal and plant life enthusiasts. Tena is a popular weekend destination thanks to its relative proximity to Quito. Not far from Tena lies the popular village of Misahualli, with several guest houses and a port on the Napo River, which is a gateway for jungle expeditions. Tourist can visit native settlements, the amaZOOnico Animal Rescue Centre, or the Casa del Suizo luxury hotel


Malecon Alberto Santos 1846
Bahía de Caraquez

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