The Amazonia

This region of lowlands in the east of the country, also known as "El Oriente", is covered by rainforest and despite representing almost a half of the total area of Ecuador, it is home to less than 5% of the total population. Ecuadorian Amazonia is one of the richest ecosystems in the world. The immense biodiversity includes – as described so far – 1,600 bird species, 415 amphibian species and more than 4,500 species of orchids. The most notable ethnic groups of the area are: the Achuar, the Andoa, the Cofan, the Kichwa, the Shuar, the Siona, the Secoya, the Shiwiar, the Waorani and the Zapara.

Ecuadorian rainforest is one of the places where human activity has not yet quite destroyed the unique ecosystem. This forest can therefore offer intense contact with nature in form of abundant plant life and varied animal life.

Amazonia holds such rarities as the Cuyabeno Reserve and the Yasuní National Park, where new animal species are still being found and which remain a home of yet uncontacted indigenous tribes. Ecuador currently aims to preserve this natural jewel and compensate the loss of income from local underground oil reserves (estimated at some 920 million barrels) with help from various countries and international communities, so that drilling can be avoided.

Another great benefit to mankind is the research of native plants, which provide extracts for the pharmaceutical industry.


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