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The history of the company started in 2007  when the trademark Ecuadmc was created as a natural result of long years of involvement in inbound tourism activities. The first impulse for establishing a travel agency was provided by the partners and clients from the Czech - Ecuadorian Chamber of Commerce, who sought professional organisation, accommodation and transport services within the region for the purposes of their activities. 

Thanks to extensive experience with tourism industry in Europe combined with local knowledge and appropriate network of contacts, we successfully completed our first custom tours to the Galápagos Islands for small, specialised groups and company as well as individual clients. Initially, our activities were focused exclusively on the continental part of Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands, but in time, we expanded our scope to the neighbouring and by no means less attractive countries of Colombia, Panama and Peru.

Our main advantage remains our main office, which we established in Ecuador in order to be able to act on various requests from our clients within a relatively short time frame and without middlemen. A perfect knowledge of the local conditions and mentality is another key factor allowing us to organise various activities and if necessary, to react immediately to any situation. We are also able meet any potential demands of our clients.

We are separated from our competition by our focus on reliability and ultra-efficient use of time in view of the costs of travelling to exotic destinations. Almost all our services are organised directly, without any middlemen, which allows us to offer attractive prices for a wide range of clients.

Since our beginnings, we successfully planned and completed a diverse mix of events. Bespoke family holidays with a maximum level of service, group tours for demanding clients, company tours for large groups, tailor made individual tours for enthusiasts from a variety of fields, custom active holidays for divers, photographers, ornithologists or travellers seeking extreme sports (rafting, climbing and mountaineering, kite boarding, downhill mountain biking). For each of these areas, we are able to prepare and arrange a complete solution from the international flights to a fully tailor made programme for every customer.

We cooperate with numerous institutions, travel agencies, as well as with clients who seek our services because of our references. We carefully select our products so that they meet the highest quality and safety criteria.

To preserve the unique natural heritage of this region and the rich ecosystems, which are as vulnerable to human influence as other places in the world, we cooperate closely with local communities. We strive to support and preserve the customs, traditions and various ways of life within this region by offering sustainable tourism as a source of income for the indigenous population of remote communities, which would otherwise resort to exploiting the non-renewable sources of the area and gradually destroy the rainforests.

About us

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Malecon Alberto Santos 1846
Bahía de Caraquez

PHONE: +593 52 691 541
MOBILE: +593 99 500 8525
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